Israel is one of the largest ornamental fish exporters in the world, and the second largest exporter to the European market. With over 70% of Koi imported into the U.K., Israel is the main player as a Koi carp producer and exporter. Koi on DemandTM is the brand name of an Israeli company with multiple fish farms of more than 20,800 cubic meters of water spaces as the Bio secure facility headquartered in the Jerusalem District of Israel.

Koi on DemandTM provides KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) free Koi fish grown in bio-secure environment, which is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of Israel; as well as a wide range of goldfish of all types, different colors and color combinations. With an extra standby water space of 2,100 cubic as extra inventory, we can serve and support fish available all year long to meet our clients’ needs.

Koi on DemandTM has a professional and experienced team with Koi experts breeding and growing Koi and goldfish with high qualities throughout the year. The KHV free Koi from Koi on DemandTM is guaranteed disease free as the Safest Koi in the World.

Current Expansion

Koi on DemandTM started producing Koi carp in early 2006, and soon found out that the sales of Koi is seasoning lasting about 6 months each year. Besides continuing the production of Koi with high qualities, we expanded our services to include all types of Goldfish since 2007. The client demand of our Koi and Goldfish is increasing each year, and thus we expanded our fish farm with extra water spaces.

To ensure fish supply all year long, extra water spaces are required. In this case, we expanded fish farm from one to multiple farms. Today, Koi on DemandTM has its headquarter with fish farm of over 800 cubic meters of water space as closed indoor facility in the Jerusalem district, a second fish farm of over 12,000 cubic meters of water space near the city of Kiryat Malachi (meaning Los Angeles in English), and the third fish farm of over 8,000 cubic meter of water space in Iezrael Valley of the East Galil area.

As a company with almost 10 years’ of business history, Koi on DemandTM is professional in the production of cold-water fish including varieties of Koi carp, Butterfly and Ghost Koi, and all types of Goldfish such as Comet, Shubunkin, Oranda and Fantails. As one of the largest fish production facilities in the world, it pioneers the commercial production of indoor system grown and bio-secure Koi. Besides, to keep the Goldfish sales all year long, Koi on DemandTM breeds multiple types and mixed types of Goldfish to generate new types of Goldfish with commercial qualities.

Future Development

Koi on DemandTM is unique in its Koi breeding and Goldfish breeding. Its fish experts in professional teams are raising the Israeli brood-stock to more than 30 types. It only uses Israeli Koi parents for its breeding purposes and refines the selection of Koi pairs to its perfect level. Because of this, Koi on DemandTM offers its clients with the largest choices of any combinations of varieties including enough colorations and variation.

In Goldfish breeding, Koi on DemandTM offers more than 10 varieties of Goldfish with all colors available including orange, yellow, red, red-white, black-moor and panda (black & White), chocolate, calico or a beautiful mixture of any of these colors. In the near future, new colors and new mixed types of Goldfish such as … will be available to our clients all over the world.

Israel has been serving as a key supplier of Koi and Goldfish to the European markets, which now is expanded to the United States. Israeli Koi and Goldfish with their varieties have excellent reputation because of their high qualities. On the other hand, U. S. is considered as the largest ornamental fish market. With the new collaboration established between Koi on DemandTM and its U. S. distributors, it is expected to have a bright future with double win successes.

Collaboration with Koi on DemandTM

Koi on DemandTM is currently seeking distributors and wholesalers in the United States. Israeli Koi and Goldfish are perfect for the U. S. climate because they are extremely hardy and easily fits to all seasonal changes with happiness. The shipping team are innovators with professional shipping knowledge to guarantee the shipping qualities and safety. The average shipping time from Koi on DemandTM in Israel to our U. S. clients is between 24-36 hours as we have daily direct flights to Los Angeles, New York and Florida.